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health care usa: understanding its organization and delivery

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Health Care USA, Sixth Edition is an ideal text for introductory courses on the organization and delivery of U.S. health care for students in schools of public health, medicine, nursing, dentistry, health administration, and other health professions. It provides an introduction to the health care system and an overview of the professional, political, social, and economic forces that have shaped it and will continue to do so. The Sixth Edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect the most recent changes of this growing and dynamic industry. Revisions include: Updated data on the size and cost of the U.S. health care system. New information on Managed Care Organizations, PPOs, and HMOs. New information on the variety of efforts of hospitals to reduce medical errors. Developments from the Freedom Commission on Mental Health initiative. A new discussion on the hospital competition with privately owned outpatient facilities. Updated Department of Labor estimates on health care personnel and the factors that influence demand and utilization. New data on the number of un- or under-insured Americans. A new discussion of government and private insurer cost savings initiatives through education and case management. A new discussion of the effect of the influx of Iraq War causalities on VA services. Updates on federal, state, and local public health initiatives in emergency preparedness……..

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 “Review: Health Care USA: Understanding Its Organization and Delivery (Sultz, H.A. & Young, K.M.).” 2009-09-14
By Larry Hasenour
One of the most informative,comprehensive and up to the minute books on healthcare organization and delivery, should be required for every congressman and senator dealing with the current issues of healthcare. and anyone who is learning or who has any interest at all in current healthcare issues.

Esteemed and Distinguished Authors: Harry A. Sultz DDS,MPH Professor and Emeritus of Social and Preventive Medicine at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Scineces, as well as Dean Emeritus of Health Related Professions, and Kristina M. Young, MS, instructor at the University at Buffalo, graduate instructor at the School of Public Health and Health Professions, State University of New York. graduate instructor at Canisius College of Buffalo in the Department of Health and Human Services. and executive director of the Western New Your Public Health Alliance, Inc.

Mr. Sultz has been an expert consultant to several governmental agencies for many years and can be considered as one of the most qualified spokesman for healthcare issues in the entire United States. His impressinve and extensive research background merits him a distinguished place as one of the true chiefs in his field.

a very precise and complete descriptive history of U.S. healthcare,from its beginning, into the present, and dealving wholeheartedly into the future of healthcare in America. Captures the very heartbeat of the U.S. healthcare system. Truly a five star, thumbs up, must read book for everyone.

Customer Buzz

 “Health Care USA” 2008-11-16
By Cynthia Schaumburg (Bloomington,IL)
The book was in excellent condition, like new. It took roughly 2 weeks to arrive. I was hoping for a little quicker delivery.

Customer Buzz

 “I never got the book” 2008-10-28
By E. Kidd
I’m sure the book would have been fine, however, I never got it. The company never shipped to me.

Customer Buzz

 “Health Care USA: Understanding Its Organization And Delivery” 2008-10-06
By pigfeednascar
I found it very unfortunate that when I looked at this product earlier, the photo shows that it is the 5th edition, but when looking at an inside picture of the product it is listed on the front cover as the 6th edition. I found this to be very misleading. I had needed the 6th edition for my online class and when I received my purchase it was the 5th edition. Thank goodness I was able to contact the publisher and get the changes that had been made from the 5th edition to the 6th edition but it does discourage me from buying more textbooks.

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 “I’m going to burn it.” 2008-09-29
By H. Johnson (Wyoming)
Anyone who gives this book more than two sacks of llama poop on this site does so because they are a teacher or they misunderstood where you thank the seller for the timely shipping of the book.

This book is torturous to read, and it is so deathly boring that I want to cry every time I am required to open it. I am not a stupid person, and I have a rather expansive vocabulary, and though I understand every word that these two morons used to write this book I somehow fail to connect them so that they make much sense. All in all, this book was a waste to read and buy and I’m sorry if you’re taking a class that requires it.

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